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to blow up a christmas lighting ceremony in 2010. the defense claimed entrapment, mohamed bought a fake bomb from undercover agents in a sting operation. >>> the hunt is on in illinois and indiana for a convicted murderer mistakenly released by authorities. steven robbins is serving a 60 year prison sentence in indiana. he was in chicago yesterday to face drug charges ultimately dropped. instead of being returned to indiana, robbins was released from custody. >>> update on the heartbreaking story we told you about yesterday. a vigil and march being held in chicago this afternoon for a teenage girl gunned down just days after taking part in the inauguration. the 15-year-old was caught in the cross fire between gang members making her one of 42 people killed in chicago just since the first of this year. in response to that, amazing gun violence, the mayor will move 200 police officers from desk jobs into the streets. >> we need to work together to protect our greatest resource. the children of the city of chicago. >> we need to get murderers off the street. if they do it once they will do
. >>> senate armed services committee could vote on the nomination of chuck hagel to be the next defense secretary. hagel faced off against some former republican senate colleagues yesterday in a bruising confirmation hearing. the sharpest exchange against senator john mccain who criticized hagel's opposition to the troop surge in iraq. and hagel apologized for using the term the jewish lobby in the past. >> i have already said i regret referencing the jewish lobby. i should have said pro israel. i think it is the only time on the record that i have ever said that. >> eight republicans plan to vote against him. he has backing among many democrats. >>> blinding snow blamed for a deadly pileup on a michigan highway. the mile long stretch of crashes involving 30 trucks and cars. three people were killed including two children believed to be siblings. and at least a dozen others were hospitalized. witnesses say they were driving on i-75 when conditions went from clear to whiteout in just a matter of seconds. >>> a similar scene along a snowy highway west of minneapolis. three dozen big rigs,
on defense, tackling colin kaepernick, recovering the niners' fumble. later ed reed picked off kaepernick, making him the first 49ers quarterback ever to be intercepted in a super bowl. and then tempers flared. ♪ beyonce sent the crowd into a frenzy with a performance that included a reunion with destiny's child. jacoby jones came back strong to open the second half with a 108-yard kickoff return for the td. ravens up 28-6. suddenly lights out. a power surge darkened half of the superdome, stopping the game. normally even-tempered john harbaugh is furious with the interruption in his team's momentum. when play resumes 34 minutes later, momentum shifts to the 49ers. they quickly scored 17 points and slashed the ravens' lead from 22 points to just 5. 28-33. in the final two minutes the ravens put up a tough goal line defense to go home with the trophy. >> and nobody wants to see a blowout super bowl. all the hype and all the build-up. you don't want to see it get to the final game and have it be some kind of lopsided thing. >> no. >> it was so great to see the 49ers who i know you were ro
to killing her on and off again boyfriend. >> she took the stand saying she acted in self defense and portrayed herself as a lifelong victim of abuse. abc's brandi hitt has the latest details, good morning, brandy. >> reporter: good morning. jody arias returns to the stand this morning. she admitted to killing her boyfriend. now jurors are expected to hear arias' explanation what happened the night of the murder. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: in a surprise move, jody arias took the stand in her own defense and explained to the jury why she brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. >> he attacked me. and i defended myself. >> reporter: speaking quietly with her hair pulled to the side, the same woman prosecutors say stabbed alexander 27 times in a jealous rage while also slashing his throat and shooting him twice in the head. but her story has changed several times. first, she told police she wasn't there. then she said she was at the crime scene, but intruders did it. >> intruders were here today. he would tell you that. >
28-33. in the final few minutes the ravens put up a tough goal line defense to go home with the trophy. >> and nobody wants to see a blowout super bowl. all the hype you don't want to see it get to the final game and have it be a lopsided game. it was great to see the 49ers who i know you were rooting for kind of roar back and make it a nail-biter of a game at the end. it was good. >> yeah. the entire thing was good because then we had the blackout in the middle of it. and what a lot of people were saying, a lot of the analysts were saying, is watch when we come back, the momentum's going to shift. >> and it did. >> and it did. >> big-time. >> and i was biting my nails and hoping for my 49ers. but eh. >> what makes you a 49ers fan, by the way? because you're from. >> i'm from new york. >> that's what i thought. >> i can't say because it's going to transparently show how little i know about football. >> you like the uniforms better, don't you? >> i prefer san francisco's -- >> oh! i can't believe it. >> i'm embarrassed to say it. and my husband is probably, you know -- h
. a judge refused to grant a request from the defense to delay the trial. zimmerman's attorneys claim that the prosecutors did not turn over key evidence in a timely manner. the judge didn't buy it and zimmerman is accused of killing teenager trayvon martin. >>> a texas sheriff says the iraqi war vet charged with killing a military sniper and his friend is refusing to meet with his family or a court attended attorney. he's charged with two capital murders, and the sheriff says that he demanded a cigarette, even though smoking is not allowed in the jail. >>> now that story we mentioned tat stop of the show. an internal affairs investigation of some miami-dade county police officers has department brass searching for answers this morning. video shows officers slacking off on the job. one is seen hugging a woman when he should have been responding to a burglary. the same officer is also seen drinking coffee with other cops instead of going to check on an unconscious child. a former department head calls it all despicable. >> the idea of not going to a call just never crosses your mind. t
. >>> outgoing defense secretary leon panetta revealed for the first time that there was a plan in place to support rebels in syria. but that plan was vetoed by president obama because of worries that the weapons might fall into the wrong hands. more than 60,000 people have died in syria's civil war. >> by the way, i was just going to add to that civil war. it's cost that country the equivalent of $48 billion. when you think about a war, our war obviously has cost us trillions of dollars. but a country that has no money, and they're relying on us for help, $48 billion is a lot of money. >> and the u.s. has given syria about $210 million in aid to help those insurgents along. but this issue of whether we arm them is one. after two wars and libya, maybe the country was not ready to get involved in another country. but we put these arms in syria, how do we know they're not going to get in the hands of terrorists? and on the other side, the opposition groups look at the u.s. and say where are you guys? that makes them bitter towards us and more likely to link hands with those same terrorists
of defense has been postponed. republicans are demanding to know more about the former senator's finances. hagel still has the backing of all the democrats in the senate. the vote was set for today and is postponed until at least next week. >>> now to an eye-opening medical headline this morning and a health care burden for the u.s. neurologists predict the number of alzheimer's patients is expected to triple by the year 2050. that's when as many as 14 million patients may need care for the memory-robbing disease. the startling projection follows a study of patient records, as well as census numbers. >>> and doctors are warning parents about a threatening strain of whooping cough. "the new england journal of medicine" reports it's caused by a vaccine resistant germ. the illnesses were first reported overseas. it's now hitting the u.s. and it's the worst outbreak of its kind in 60 years. >>> and now to what will be the story of the weekend. a powerful blizzard is zeroing in on the northeast, threatening to bring fierce winds and up to two feet of snow. the nor'easter expected to be the wor
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)